As followers of Jesus, we at First United Methodist Church strive to be good stewards of our personal resources in order to best care for our planet, its people and all living things. Gifts and donations to FUMC further this work by equipping people for service, providing opportunities to serve and places to gather for learning and support.

The First United Methodist Church of Corvallis has several different methods to help potential donors support the church and its mission.

Placing your gift, be it a check or cash, in the plate on Sunday.

Pledging and having the funds moved from your bank account to the church’s account by EFT.

This is NOT for on-line donations. Down-load and print the form then take the completed form to the church office.

Giving Online to a fund or cause of your choice.

Funds include:

  • General Fund
  • Building fund
  • Organ Restoration Fund Music Fund

Other funds as determined necessary

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